6 Week Challenge

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6 Week Challenge Win $5,000

Summer is coming to an end, and we are over halfway through 2022. Let's get back on track and finish the year off strong! Not only will you look and feel better, you will have bragging rights and be in the running to win 5k and other awesome prizes!
The week of September 19th – 22nd, 2022, participants must come into a 1% Fitness location to pick up the first week of food, take beginning photos, as well as scan on our InBody Scanner. The Inbody Scanner metrics are used as your starting point in the Challenge. Then, for six weeks, you will have complete control of your progress. All participants will come in to scan during the week of October 10th – 13th, 2022 for a progress check. At the end of the six weeks all participants will come in for a final photo and scan on our Inbody Scanner. The last date you can come in for your final scan is November 3rd , 2022. The winner of the Challenge will then be determined by the biggest transformation. Both Muscle gain AND body fat loss metrics will be taken into account. All final point accumulations will be divided by overall weight to Level the playing field.

The Prizes

There are several prizes for those chosen as the Six-Week Challenge winners. These prizes include:

1st Place Prize

Male – $5000
Female – $5000

2nd Place Prize
Male- 1 Month of Meals – $720 Value
Female- 1 Month of Meals – $720 Value

3rd Place Prize
Male- 1 week of Meals – $180 Value
Female- 1 week of Meals – $180 Value

The Deets

Start Date -September 19th, Everyone starts the Week of September 19th -22nd.

All In-Body Scans have to be measured the first week
Midway Date – October 10th - 13th

All In-Body Scans have to be measured the 3rd week
End Date – November 1st – 3rd

All In-Body Scans have to be measured the last week
Final date for scans November 3rd

Contest Winner will be announced on November 8, 2022

• Winner will be determined by the biggest transformation from muscle gain to body fat lost. This is a combination based of Beginning Metrics and Ending Metrics from the In Body Scan
• The contest is based on a level proportionate to each individual

Take your health goals seriously, come into a 1% Fitness location today, and receive your free In-Body Scan. You can also contact us for additional information regarding the Six-Week Challenge. We look forward to helping you reach your health and fitness goals.

The Entry Fee

To enter the contest participants must pay $100. All participants of the Challenge will receive a 1% Swag Bag when they come in for their first In-Body Scan. Inside of the Swag Bag there will be a few goodies for you to enjoy including:

1% Shaker Bottle
1% Silverware Set
1% Fit Flavor Spice
1 Package of Your Choice Snack

Terms and conditions

1. To see the terms and conditions in full, please click here

To see the official rules for the 2022 1% Fitness Weight Loss Challenge click here

To apply to have the entry fee waived, click here