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Why Ordering from Delivery Services Like DoorDash Is Draining Your Wallet

RobIn today's fast-paced world, food delivery services like Uber Eats and DoorDash have become increasingly popular, offering the convenience of having a variety of meals delivered right to your doorstep. However, this convenience comes at a cost, and it's not worth the hole it's burning through your wallet. We decided to compare the costs and pros and cons of takeout delivery services and our meal plans so you can make the best decision for your wallet.

Food Delivery Services:

  1. Delivery and Service Fees Add Up

The most apparent extra cost when using delivery services is the delivery fee. Even if you get your favorite food, it could end up costing almost double what you wanted to spend. The fees vary depending on the distance and the service provider but always tend to be more than you would think. On top of that, there's often a service charge, which can be a flat fee or a percentage of your order total. These fees are additional costs that you wouldn't incur if you were to pick up the meal yourself, cook at home, or have one of our meals.

  1. Higher Menu Prices

You may be able to get your favorite chicken parmesan delivered, but it might be an inflated price. Some restaurants increase the prices of items on delivery platforms compared to their in-store menus. This markup is to offset the commission fees that platforms like Uber Eats charge the restaurants. So, not only are you paying for the food, but you're also indirectly covering the restaurant's cost of using the delivery service.

  1. Minimum Order Requirements

To make delivery worth their while, some services impose a minimum order amount. This can lead to you ordering more food than needed and spending much more than you anticipated.

  1. The Tipping Expectation

Tipping the delivery driver is a customary practice, adding an additional cost to your meal. While tipping is a way to show appreciation for the service, it does increase the overall expense of your order.

  1. The Long Term Costs

Although takeout can be enjoyable as an occasional treat, partaking in it too often can affect your health. Much of the food delivered by these services is high in saturated fats and sodium. High consumption of these foods can contribute to high blood pressure, health issues, and weight gain. Before you order that cheeseburger, consider the long-term costs, to your finances and your waistline.

1% Fitness Kitchen Meals:

  1. Pay for the food, nothing else:

We don’t have extra fees hidden in our product, you’re just paying for the food. Our meals are designed to be filling and delicious.

  1. Convenient:

You can still get instant meals without paying an arm and a leg. Our meals are ready in minutes and you don’t have to wait and anxiously watch a delivery driver turn down the wrong street. Straight from your fridge, you just have to pop a meal in the microwave and you’re set. 

  1. Better Food: 

A lot of takeout food is full of empty carbs and food that will slow your fitness progress. We make sure our food is packed with nutrients and can keep you fuller for longer.

The Bottom Line

While food delivery services offer convenience, they come with so many hidden costs that can quickly add up (not to mention the ones to your health). If you're looking to save money, consider alternatives like cooking at home or a meal plan like ours. Not only can these options be more wallet-friendly, but they also allow you more control over your nutrition and portion sizes.

Remember, every dollar saved by skipping an unnecessary delivery fee is a dollar that can be used for the rest of life's adventures. So next time you're about to tap that order button, think about the true cost of convenience and if the food is really serving you.

Give our meals a try today and see for yourself if they’re better than all the fees from food delivery services!

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