What Does it Mean To Eat Right

What Does it Mean To Eat Right

To eat right is to consume foods that nourish the body. There is technically not one right way to eat but there are definitely ways of eating that can cause harm to the body. Consuming an excess of processed foods and sugar, as well as oils; such as canola and vegetable oil can wreak havoc on the body over time. If it doesn't make you feel good, more than just in the moment, then it probably isn't the right thing to be eating.

Why should we eat right?

We should eat right to not only increase the longevity of our lives but the quality of our life. Many of us have a desire to not only be around for our children but for the future generations to come. There is a direct correlation between what we put in our body and how well our body functions. The best example is putting low-grade fuel in a car. The motor burns out at a much faster rate than in a car that has had top tier fuel.  This is not to say that you are not eating well if you indulge now and again but the key is to consistently put good nutrients in the tank 80-90 % of the time.

What should I eat in a day?

This can be a tricky question because its different for everyone. The easiest answer is whatever makes you feel and look your best. There is not a one size fits all diet. Some people function better off of higher carbs and some function better off of higher fats. The one thing that seems to be consistent among the majority of the population is a diet high in protein with a balance of carbs and fats (depending on the person) seems to be best. It is also important to think of your micronutrients within the macronutrients. This means eating a diet full of different colors and textures.

How 1% Helps You Eat Right

It's not a diet it's a lifestyle. At 1% Fitness, we don't believe in fad diets or extreme measures when it comes to getting healthy. We help foster permanent change. We don't believe in doing anything that you cannot stick to for the long haul. The reason so many people fail at dieting is that fad/trendy often use extreme unsustainable tactics. For example, only drinking liquids for a week or cutting out entire food groups isn't a viable healthy solution. Our body needs a good ratio of proteins, carbs, and fats to optimally function, and our meals are packed with them. At the time of our founding, the CDC released a study saying that 1% of the population stays physically fit their entire life. 1% Fitness was founded with the goal to increase that number. When it comes to eating right, 1% Fitness Kitchen gets it right. Here are a few morsels of facts about our food.
  • Made fresh daily with only the best ingredients
  • Convenient - If you have a healthy meal readily available you are less likely to make a poor food choice
  • Cost-effective - When going out to eat people often spend 15+ dollars on a meal. Our meals average $11.40/meal
  • Fast - 1:30 in the microwave is all it takes
  • Balanced macro ratio - High protein, balanced carbs, and fats as well as getting those micronutrients with the veggies.
  • 1% Fitness Kitchen food helps people reach their goals without the effort or the guesswork
  • Busts the myth that eating healthy isn't tasty
Our customers often report less stress, more energized, and overall better quality of life. Through healthy eating and exercise, a few of our customers have been able to get off of medications. Our huge, mouth-watering menu keeps your taste buds intrigued. Within a week you will experience Mexican food, Thai Cuisine and everything in between. We leave no stone left unturned because we think getting and staying healthy should be enjoyable and fun.
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