How to Eat Healthy On a Road Trip

How to Eat Healthy On a Road Trip

Heading out on an adventure? Make sure to still keep up the healthy food choices you’ve been making with a little bit of planning. Otherwise those McDonalds breakfasts and gas station snacks can start to compromise all the hard work you’ve put into eating healthy. 

Avoid the fear of losing your progress by taking initiative. With a little planning and some helpful tips, you can still enjoy what you eat and enjoy your trip. Keep working towards your health goals with the following road trip tips: 

Preparing Your Own Food

Often the easiest way to save money and eat healthy food is to make it yourself. Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you can make good food! 

Keeping Food Fresh:

Invest in a good cooler to keep perishable food fresh and delicious. Brands like Orca and Yeti get the job done and you can enjoy fresh greens throughout your trip! If you have extra space in your car, dometic CFX fridges (powered coolers) offer an ice-free option for keeping your produce cool. 

If you have access to a microwave on your travels, pack some of our ready-to-eat meals that are nutritious (and tasty) options! Sign up to try a meal plan here

On-the-Go Cooking Gear: 

You can make some delicious meals with a classic two-burner propane stove. They’re compact and reliable for campers and road tripping. Just make sure that whatever area you are cooking in is well ventilated.

Use the Grocery Store & Local Resources: 

Many grocery stores offer budget-friendly groceries, produce, and prepped meals. Stores like Harmons offer freshly-made meals for good prices that are nutritious. Also consider local farmers’ markets that offer seasonal produce and great food.

When You Eat Out: 

It’s very likely that you will tire of making your own food and stop into a restaurant for a good meal. But isn’t fast food bad for you? Not necessarily. As long as you make conscious choices to eat healthy you can still enjoy delicious meals on your road trip adventure. Here are some tips to keep working towards your health goal when eating out.

Find the Healthier Options on The Menu:

You don’t have to deprive yourself of every restaurant. Most places to eat have healthier options you can choose from and they will still be delicious. Look at the salad and smaller portion sections to find choices that fit within your diet and enjoy!

Make the menu work for you instead of feeling the pressure to order the normal items at a restaurant.

Not all Fast Food is Unhealthy:

Even fast food chains we associate with unhealthy food often have some good options for nutritious food. Taco Bell’s Power Bowl features lean proteins and fresh vegetables. Wendy’s offers a Southwest Avocado Salad with iron-rich romaine lettuce and protein. Many have navigated the world of fast food before you and made these healthier options available to you: use them! 

Find the Diamond in the Rough Restaurants:

While on your road trip, try to find unique food that you can’t get anywhere else. The best meals often come from unsuspecting places loved by locals. These restaurants can offer delicious and nutritious authentic meals at affordable prices. If you have trouble finding these gems, try asking a local or using apps like Roadtrippers for ideas.

In the end, you want to enjoy your trip and feel good about what you’re eating while seeing amazing sights. Try out some of these trips and tell us what one is your favorite in the comments. 

Save travels!

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