How a Single Father Transformed His Life and the Life of His Daughter

How a Single Father Transformed His Life and the Life of His Daughter

Everyone's weight loss journey is different. Some spend years trying to overcome hurdles while others understand the challenges and accept them early on. Since the journey doesn't take a one-size-fits-all approach, it is truly inspiring to see people find what works for them. Arthur Bowyer is a 1% Fitness client that did just that.   In January of this year, Arthur decided to try 1% Fitness after years of struggling with his weight. Arthur had always been a bigger guy, but when the scale reached over 300lbs., he knew that enough was enough. He took back his body and started a new way of living. Since then, he has dropped 39lbs. Arthur sat down with us and talked about the past year, what's changed, and how he sees the decision to try 1% Fitness affecting his future. You can view the entirety of the conversation by watching the video embedded below or catch up on a view of the highlights.

What Drew Arthur to 1% Fitness 

Before starting 1% Fitness, Arthur was really, really overweight. While that was tough, it was even more difficult keeping up with his daily activities. As a dad and avid golfer, he wanted to spend time doing what he loved the most. However, he was lethargic, his energy levels were low, and his blood pressure was high. He explained that things were just not going that well. On an emotional level, things weren't great either. Arthur continually asked himself whether he would ever make a change. That is when he started making the proactive steps needed to get things rolling in the right direction.   Along with being a dad, Arthur is a software engineer who builds large databases for casinos around the world. That means that Arthur is no stranger to taking a gamble. So, when a friend recommended 1% Fitness, he knew it was a safe bet. Arthur told our team, I liked the idea of having portion-controlled meals where the nutrition aspect of it was already taken care of for me. It really was a no-brainer way to eat.

How 1% Fitness Customized Arthur's Meal Plan to Fit His Lifestyle

Like so many of us working in the modern business world, Arthur spends the majority of his day working on a computer. Between his time as a software engineer and regular family-life activities, there wasn't much that Arthur was doing physically. This left him winded during workouts or more strenuous activities. He didn't have the energy he wanted when he wanted it. All of this combined started to encroach on his overall standard of living. Arthur decided to turn to our meal prep experts in hopes of making a change. He reflected on this time, saying, As I started the program and started eating the meals at regular intervals, I began to notice results almost immediately. Arthur was able to quickly build his meal plan for success online and our culinary experts got to work. The plan made it so there was little effort on his part and no room for error which was a breath of fresh air for Arthur.  Not only did the meals offer the flexibility Arthur needed to stick to a nutrition plan, but the ease and comfort to make his newly chosen lifestyle a reality.

Why 1% Fitness Worked for Arthur

Arthur had tried a variety of methods in hopes of losing weight and increasing his health. From overloading on exercise to self-reducing carbohydrates and sugar intake, it was always a slippery slope. Arthur would see quick results but could never stick to them for some reason or another. It seemed that something would get in the way, whether it was the holidays or some other healthy lifestyle interruption. As Arthur sat down with our team, he reflected on what made 1% Fitness different than other methods. He explained, 1% Fitness meals are by far the easiest way to eat clean and lose weight. Other people have different goals. Mine was purely weight loss and better health, but it wasn't for vanity. It was to increase my overall health, so I would have more energy, lower blood pressure, better cardiovascular performance, and get out and enjoy the things I wanted to do. 1% Fitness has definitely helped me achieve that.

How Arthur Plans to Continue His Newfound Lifestyle

1% Fitness is a great way to get your health on track, but it is up to you whether it works. Arthur plans on staying motivated by thinking of what got him here in the first place. Not only has his journey been amazing to witness, but we can't wait to see what's to come. In conclusion, Arthur holds fast to his belief in the 1% Fitness process. He recommends, If you have ever thought about a meal prep service or seeking out a meal-prep service, I couldn't recommend 1% Fitness highly enough. Their staff is incredibly friendly and very knowledgeable. The meals themselves are very fresh and well-prepared. It takes all of the guesswork out of nutrition. For me, it has led to a substantial weight loss. For more information on 1% Fitness and how it could help you kickstart or continue your health and fitness journey, contact us. We would love to help you transform your life for the better. Get in touch with us today to get started.
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