Surviving the Holiday Office Potluck: 10 Smart Strategies for a Healthier Potluck Experience

Surviving the Holiday Office Potluck: 10 Smart Strategies for a Healthier Potluck Experience

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the much-anticipated office potluck. It's a time for culinary delights and tempting treats, but also a moment when your healthy eating goals can be put to the test. Fear not! With these top 10 strategies, you can savor the potluck without sidelining your wellness.


  1. Bring a Healthy Option Bring a dish that's both delicious and nutritious. Also, if nothing else fits your health goals, you have a solid option. A quinoa salad, veggie platter, or fruit arrangement can be your anchor in a sea of indulgence.


  1. Scope Out the Scene Before you load up your plate, take a tour of the table. Identify the healthiest options and strategize how to fill your plate with these good choices. If there's an option that you're excited about, you can also make sure to have room for it on your plate.


  1. Veggie Volume Greens and vegetables should take precedence on your plate. They're not only good for you but they're also filling, which can help curb the temptation to overeat.


  1. Protein Picks Lean on proteins like chicken skewers, shrimp cocktail, or turkey slices. They're satisfying and will keep you full, helping you resist the urge for second helpings.


  1. Portion Patrol Even the most vigilant eater can be undone by portions. A little bit of everything adds up, so take small servings, particularly of calorie-dense foods.


  1. Eat at a Leisurely Pace There's no prize for finishing first. Eat slowly, chew thoroughly, and enjoy the conversation around you. It’s not just good for digestion; it's a proven tactic to prevent overeating.


  1. Hydration Station Keep a glass of water in your hand throughout the potluck. It'll keep you hydrated and help you feel fuller, which means less room for mindless snacking.


  1. Mingling Mission Make it your mission to talk more and eat less. Engaging with your colleagues is not only good for your career; it's also a great distraction from overindulging.


  1. Don't Go Hungry When you're starving, you'll be more likely to overeat or choose foods you wouldn't usually eat. Make sure to have some healthy snacks beforehand so you can eat because you want to, not because you're starving.


  1. Conscious Indulgence It's the holidays, after all, so if there's a special dish you love, go ahead and treat yourself. The key is moderation—a smaller serving can still satisfy your cravings.


Remember, the office potluck is as much about building camaraderie as it is about eating. Keep these tips in mind, and you'll navigate the potluck with your health goals intact, all while enjoying the festive cheer!

When the potluck's over, try out one of our meal plans to have delicious portioned food every day! 

Happy potlucking!

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