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9 Family Fitness Challenges to Keep You Active During the Holidays

The holidays are a time of joy, feasting, and families. But who says it can't also be a time for boosting your fitness together? This holiday season, sprinkle a little active fun into your festivities with these 9 family fitness challenges!


  1. Festive Scavenger Hunt Enjoy getting out of the house with a holiday scavenger hunt. Create a list of seasonal sights to find like the most decorated house or the coolest snowman. You can easily transform your walk or jog into an adventure!


  1. Groove to the Holiday Beats Crank up the holiday tunes and challenge each other to a dance-off. Whether it's "Jingle Bell Rock" or "All I Want for Christmas Is You," dancing is a fantastic way to work off that extra slice of pie and create fun memories.


  1. At-Home Holiday Bootcamp Transform your living room into a fitness bootcamp with exercise stations. Each station could be a present waiting to be unwrapped, revealing a fun, quick exercise.


  1. Winter Wonderland Relay Embrace the chill with a winter sports relay. From sledding dashes to snowball throwing contests, there's no shortage of ways to play in the snow while getting a great workout.


  1. Run or Walk for a Cause Many communities host holiday-themed runs or walks. Don your festive attire and join in as a family. It's a merry way to stay fit and support a good cause.


  1. Holiday Yoga Before the holidays get busy, gather your family for a peaceful yoga session. It's a wonderful way to foster relaxation and togetherness.


  1. Step Challenge Who doesn't love a little friendly competition? Use fitness trackers to set step goals. The person with the most steps could get to open the first gift or choose the holiday movie.


  1. DIY Holiday Obstacle Course Set up a holiday-themed obstacle course. Dash around snowmen, hop over holly, or shimmy under strings of lights. The more creative, the better!


  1. Classic Family Sports Tournament Whether it's basketball, soccer, or flag football, a sports match is a great way to get everyone moving. Plus, it's a chance to start a new holiday tradition.


These family fitness challenges are not just a way to keep active during the holidays; they're also a chance to create lasting memories and start the new year right! So this holiday season, get fit, move, and laugh as a family.


Tell us your favorite active holiday tradition in the comments!

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