Who We Are

Who We Are
Let us take the work out of eating healthy. Let us help you focus on your health without adding any extra stress into the mix. In fact, let us take stress completely off the table. Sure, 1% Fitness is a food prep delivery service. But really what 1% Fitness does is so much more. Our services help increase the quality of your life so that you can enjoy it right now.

Health You Deserve

With the help of our team of nutrient and wellness experts, you can start fueling your body properly. Let us take the work out of eating healthy. Together, we will discover the health and wellness you deserve.

Our meal prep delivery service gives you back the energy and time you spend every week meal prepping, cooking, and stressing about your food. Every day your meals will be prepped and ready-to-go, with fresh and healthy eating so you can focus on what matters.

Fueling Your Body

We believe that if you start fueling your body right, everything else will start falling into place. Eating should be a conversation between your body and you. However, humans have lost their way and complicated that meaningful relationship. We added stress, diets, body image issues, and much more to the plate, and now we are overrun with decisions that make eating healthy way too hard.

People Now either spend too much time computing the specific nutrients of their food or throw something together without slowing down to notice what their body needs. Now is the time that you take back that conversation.

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Get in touch with us today to take back your health. We can’t wait to help you get started.