Who We Are

1% Fitness is defined by our philosophy:

Keep our food clean, healthy and tasty.
We aim to help you set your goals and achieve a new you.

Welcome To 1% Fitness

Our story

At 1% Fitness we recognize and focus on the extreme importance of nutrition. When trying to lose weight, maintain a healthy weight or even gain weight in a healthy manner, nutrition is at least 80% of the battle. However, with all of the fad diets popping up everywhere, and every health professional recommending a different program, it is difficult to figure out what is the right answer when it comes to what we put into our bodies.

We realize in this day and age, most people are just too busy to focus on getting the nutrition they need to keep their bodies healthy and functioning properly.

That is how we got started. Our goal at 1% Fitness is to take all of the guess work and time spent prepping meals out of your nutrition plan. We create personalized meal plans according to what your goals and needs are, and then provide you with pre-cooked, healthy, clean, nutrient-rich meals that taste so amazing, you won’t believe you’re eating “healthy food.” We can’t wait to feed you! Stay hungry

Who We Are

Health You Deserve

With the help of our team of nutrient and wellness experts, you can start fueling your body properly. Let us take the work out of eating healthy. Together, we will discover the health and wellness you deserve.

Our meal prep delivery service gives you back the energy and time you spend every week meal prepping, cooking, and stressing about your food. Every day your meals will be prepped and ready-to-go, with fresh and healthy eating so you can focus on what matters.

Fueling Your Body

We believe that if you start fueling your body right, everything else will start falling into place. Eating should be a conversation between your body and you. However, humans have lost their way and complicated that meaningful relationship. We added stress, diets, body image issues, and much more to the plate, and now we are overrun with decisions that make eating healthy way too hard.

People Now either spend too much time computing the specific nutrients of their food or throw something together without slowing down to notice what their body needs. Now is the time that you take back that conversation.

Our Core Values

Consistent Quality
Responsibly sourced, Integrity, Our team works day and night to provide fresh quality meals on a consistent basis. We choose to deliver these standards every single day
Community Based
Food has always been an integral part of community. We aim to keep it that way.
Cultivating Safety
Food safety doesn't just happen. It is the cornerstone of our operations.
Customized & Clean
Our program is not one size fits all and we are dedicated to you as an individual living a healthy lifestyle. We make our labels as clean as possible.
Changing Lives
It’s not a diet, it's a lifestyle modification to better your life in its entirety. Our goal is to make the right choice, the easy choice.
Customer Service
It begins with quality and ends with satisfaction: Food, Community, Service.
Committed Passion
Our commitment to food, people, and nutrition is the driving force that keeps us moving.
Convenience Squared
Our greatest asset in life is time. Streamlining health, wealth, and life.

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