Partners and Athletes


Gain exposure to your blog by writing content for our page as well as monetize on clients you refer. Why not make the most of your site traffic by promoting one of the strongest brands in the industry?

  • $20 per new client referral
  • Personalized referral code
  • Dedicated Partners Support Team
  • Highly discounted meals for yourself


Influence your audience to live a healthier life. Inspire them to try a product you know will work, while you earn a generous commission.

  • $20 per new client referral code use
  • Highly Discounted meals for yourself
  • Build your following
  • Dedicated Partners Support team


Help your clients make getting adequate nutrition a breeze. Give them an easy meal plan solution that  you can be confident will achieve results.

  • $20 per new client referral
  • Highly Discounted meals for yourself
  • Dedicated Partners Support Team

Perks of Repping

If you have a website or social media following who is interested in fitness, nutrition, or living a healthy lifestyle, then you should join the 1% Fitness Partner program. Examples of good partners would be athletes, health and fitness bloggers, or every day health and fitness enthusiasts looking to earn free food.  Even if you have a small following you can start making money today by providing your followers with links to healthy meal options like 1% Fitness.


It’s simple: 1% Fitness’s Partner Program is set up to be as straightforward as possible. Apply, get access to photos, links, and your own personalized code. We regularly do events and run specials to keep your audience excited.

We give you a tool kit to help you drive traffic to and pay you a commission based on how many people come from your website to ours and purchase products from us


Make money. Earn commission on all qualifying revenue generated by links to our site. Each new referral gets you $20

Increase your website, app or your social media  following.  Have engaging content while Promoting healthy, nutritious food to your customers to help them live a healthier lifestyle.

Stay in the know. We will update our dropbox with content you can use on your page.

It’s easy to join To start, complete an online application. You can earn commissions in most states, as 1% Fitness currently serves West Of Colorado and SOON will ship nationwide.

How to tell if you’re a good fit to become a 1% Fitness affiliate: If your audience is interested in clean eating, fitness, health ailments, or eating the healthiest food on the market, apply today.