Meal Prep Service Testimonial: Shawnee Collins

At 1% Fitness, we love helping our clients change their lives. No matter where you are at in your fitness or health journey, we can help. One of our clients, Shawnee Collins, recently shared her story with us:

“A year ago, I was preparing to go on a trip with two friends to Costa Rica. They�re very active and I was nervous about holding them back.

When it came to food, I had all the excuses: I travel for work. It�s hard to cook for one person. I�m too busy. I don�t want people to see me as a snob (�oh, someone cooks her meals�).

It was just 3 weeks before our trip and I heard about 1%�s 3-week deal. I thought, �Worst case scenario, I�m out $300.� That decision put me on a different path. I ate the meals for 3 weeks and noticed a difference. I felt better. I learned a little about portion size and on my trip to Costa Rica I made better choices.

After my trip, I had 3 weeks of work travel. So again, I had the perfect reason to not renew the program. Instead, I gave myself a challenge. If I could make these meals work for these three weeks, I could always make it work.
I was tired of getting in my own way. I was tired of not being allowed on a ride or being asked if I needed a seat belt extension on a plane. Even the basics were difficult, like tying my shoes, and the extras, like buckling the bindings on my snowboard.

I chose to challenge my old stories and started asking new questions like,
1. �Is it possible to still travel for work and eat food that�s better for my body?� Turns out, the answer is yes. And it�s actually pretty low effort.
2. �Is there a way to eat food that�s better for my body and maybe even save time?� Turns out, yes, there are companies that prepare healthy meals and deliver them to your home.
3. �Is it snobbish or fancy (or whatever label you want to put), to pay someone to prepare your meals?� Turns out, I was already paying someone to make my meals (some of the people I paid each week might be familiar to you: Cafe Rio, In and Out, Zupas, Maverick, and the list goes on and on).
Eating healthy became easy. And I kept seeing progress. My lifestyle improved. My shoes are no longer a problem. I can do up my own snowboard bindings. I only take up my seat on the airplane and no one even thinks about asking if I need a seat belt extension. I can go on all the rides and I even went sky diving for the first time, something that was previously prohibited due to weight limits.

What once was hard is now so easy. And I get to do all the things!”

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