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and safety in America thanks to the first responders and military service members. Not only do they spend the majority of their time worrying about our safety, but they do so at the expense of their own lives. While our servicemen and women think about saving our lives and freedoms, they have little time to worry about their health.

Cuisine for first responders and military should include vibrant, energy-feeling foods especially since they are typically very active people. Sadly, study after study indicates that our military and first responders are not usually the picture of good health. 

For example, the average firefighter has a higher risk of dying at an early age with 48% of line of duty deaths caused by a sudden heart attack. Some studies even show that as many as 70% of all firefighters exhibit obesity. In fact, the profession ranks third in the nation for obesity. In fact, in the study, Firefighter Fatalities in the United States, conducted by USFA in 2004 found that stress and over-exertion are the issues consistently at the root of over half the fatalities among firefighters.  

Whether all of these health risks stem from interrupted sleep, emotional stress, or long sedentary hours, many first responders and military are not living a proper healthy lifestyle, including eating healthily. Fewer than 10% of firefighters practice healthy eating, and as few as 5% of firefighters take the time to condition themselves properly physically.

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Develop Healthy Eating Habits

On the other hand, military service members typically enjoy a more active lifestyle than first responders like firefighters and police officers. However, every person on duty must stay in shape if they hope to perform at their job. This is especially true for people who consistently have interrupted sleep like first responders and military members.

Early this year, Chuck Milam, former acting deputy assistant secretary of defense for military community and family policy, told the U.S Department of Defense, �Everyone wants to do the right thing. Everyone wants to feed our troops healthier options.�

However, according to a report by the Trust for America�s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 60% of Americans will be obese by 2030. If we hope to treat our service members and first responders well, we need to afford them healthier options. 

While the Department of Defense and military are working on upgrading diet programs, we can all encourage the loved ones in our lives to eat better. Not only is it essential for the health of our families but our entire nation.

 If you are in the military or are a working first responder, you can get a jump start on eating right. Here are some tips on how to start.

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