Keto Plan

The finest ingredients, naturally rich with flavor. Clean keto meals cooked by us and delivered to you. Switch out your boring diet for a fresh, weekly menu

Starting at $8.80 per meal

Three Easy Steps

to Reach Your Goals

We simplify the process and remove the guess-work, so you can focus on feeling your best and doing what you love.

Incredibly Tasty with Clean Fats

We wanted to make a Keto Plan that works for beginners and warriors. 1% Fitness created three plans to be able to remain true to Real Keto and keeping you in Ketosis.

Garlic Creamy Steak

Weekly Wing Rotation

Sauté Chicken & Peppers

Three Keto Plans

Whether you’re at the beginning or in the middle of your keto journey, we are here to help. Pre-portioned, ready-to-eat meals customized to your keto needs.

Time Saving Keto

Have a Fresh, Flavorful,

Ready-to-Eat Meal in less

than 2 minutes.

Don’t believe us? Try It!

Custom Keto

Time-saving Keto means a 30-minute meal is ready in less than 3. That's 90% less time you would have spent cooking. You could easily be saving 37hrs a month.

Keto Questions

What Keto Plans do you offer?

We offer three different Keto plans. These meals all have macro nutritional information for each meal. Choose the plan that best suits your goals. Standard, Targeted, & High Protein

What is the net carb total for each meal on average?


  • Overall Carbs are the smallest portion of our three plans. Standard and High Protein meals average 5% of Carbs. Targeted meals average 10%.


What Snacks or Fat Bomb can I supplement my keto plan with?

We have several cookie and muffin options, along with a weekly sweet or savory Fat Bomb option. You can select the type of fat bombs you prefer, and we will send them your way.


When do meals arrive? Do you Deliver? Are your meals available for shipping?

Currently, we only produce Keto Meals on Thursdays and have them delivered early Friday morning or you can pick them up at our store, 305 s 850 e unit 101 a, Lehi, Utah 84043.

Deliveries are set up with a onetime purchase of cooler and ice packs. You’ll leave your cooler out on Thursday night and we come by and fill it with your meal set and a new ice pack.

We are in the process of opening our commissary and later in 2020 we will have the ability to ship nationwide, Fresh!!

Can I adjust my meals due to allergies?

Yes, we allow for dairy, nut and exclusions, Your meal will be replaced with another meal that could cause you to have two meals that are the same.


How does 1% Keto meals compare to other Keto Meal Plans?

We cook small batches with non-processed foods. We pride ourselves on food that looks, tastes and smells like food that was created in your home. We use healthy and organic ingredients.


What if I want to follow the Cyclical Keto Plan?

One of the easiest ways to follow the Cyclical Keto Plan is to order a 5-day plan and then choose 2 free days that you can add more carbs and nutrients too. That way you can know that five days a week you can stay in ketosis.


How are do you balance selection with your proteins? Can I opt to remove one?

We currently have beef, pork, chicken and turkey. We went one step further and created meals with even greater variety Steak, Hamburger, Chicken Thighs, Tenders, Wings, Breasts, Turkey Ground and Breast, Pork Ground, Tenderloin and Chops. If you choose to opt out of one protein you will get duplicate meals of another protein. Chicken is about the only protein we can't substitute.

Can I have ingredients withheld from my meal plans?

Most of our ingredients are cooked as part of the meal from flavor. We can change sides and garnishes. We can substitute another meal in the case of an ingredient for allergies.