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InBody Body Composition Scan

InBody scans are FREE to 1% Fitness Kitchen customers with an active subscription. For those who are not yet part of the 1% Fit Fam the cost is $25 dollars.
What is an InBody scan?
The InBody scanner is a pain free and non-invasive method that uses segmental bioelectrical impedance to calculate your body composition. You simply stand on a scale put your hands and feet on the indicated markers and then let the machine do its job. The scanner sends small electrical waves in multiple frequencies throughout the body to detect what each part of your body is composed of.  The test takes no more than 1 minute and gives you a complete analysis of your body composition.
What is body composition?
Body composition is a method of describing what the body is made of. It includes fat, protein, minerals and body water. Body composition describes weight more accurately than the commonly used Body Mass Index Calculator. An InBody scan shows how much fat and muscles are in various parts of your body, making your workouts more effective. Body composition analysis can accurately show changes in fat mass, muscle mass, and body fat percentage. 
What is measured in an InBody composition scan
A body composition scan measures your muscle mass, fat mass, bone density, and water levels. The reason this is so much more valuable than just doing a body mass index (BMI) calculation is it gives you a deeper look into how much you have of what you have in each area. The InBody scanner will also show you how you compare to your other people of your same stature as well as make suggestions on how much muscle you need to gain or how much fat you need to lose in order to reach optimal heath. Certain indicators such as Visceral fat and water levels can indicate inflammation and well as disease states in the body.
How much does an InBody scan cost
An InBody scan is free to 1% Fitness Kitchen customers with an active subscription. For those who are not yet part of the 1% Fit Fam the cost is $25 dollars.
How does it differ from Body Mass Index (BMI)?
Now a Body Mass Index (BMI) is a basic calculation that takes your weight and height to determine whether you are overweight, average weight, or underweight. A BMI calculation can often be inaccurate because it doesn�t take everything into account. For example, an individual may appear at a healthy weight on the Body Mass Index Calculator but still have a high level of visceral fat which indicates the beginning of a disease state. The Body Mass Index Calculator will also often categorize people with large amounts of muscle mass as obese.
Where can I get an InBody scan

You can get an InBody scan at our Fitness Kitchen location:

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