How It Works

How it works

Three easy steps to start the new you today!

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Choose the Meal Plan that best suites you. We have something for Everyone. All of the meals come pre-cooked and pre-portioned so it takes all the time spent preparing and guesswork away. All you have to do is HEAT.EAT. REPEAT.

  • Choose a Meal Plan that best fits you
  • Subscribe to the weekly meal plan
  • Switch Plans or cancel anytime (48hrs before renewal)
Pick your meal plan and you can pick them up or we will deliver you 1 week of pre-portioned ready to eat meals on your chosen day. No prep, cooking, or clean-up required. Our plans are subscriptions and will auto-renew so you can set it and forget it. However, if you do want to cancel just be sure to do so 48hrs before your next pick up/delivery date. It’s that easy.
Price per plan varies. To View all plans and pricing go through the meal plan wizard and Choose your preferences.
  • Choose a 5 day or 7 day plan
  • Add Breakfast or snacks
  • Add allergies/food aversions (if applicable)
We have 6 Rotating Menus for our Fit and Keto lines. This keeps things feeling fresh and fun.

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When it comes to eating healthy, the more options the better. That’s why our chef’s have created menus with variety in mind.


You can easily add your preferences through our meal plan wizard. While we are not an allergy free facility we do have a list of items you can exclude from your plan. You can also choose either a 5 or 7 day plan depending on your needs.

  • Choose the number of meals and days
  • Add breakfast or snacks
  • Choose method of delivery
Every Saturday we update the weekly menu for the following week on our website as well as on all of our social media platforms.

Our menu is set for the week. This is so we can keep you within a specific macro range. This is how our meal plans have helped so many reach their goals! However, you are able to add in food aversions from the allergy drop down list. We are not an allergy free facility, but we will do our best to accommodate.

  • Tell us if you have any allergies
  • Exclude up to 3 ingredients
We are not an allergy free facility and do not guarantee you will not receive your allergy in your meal However, we do our best to accommodate for allergies and food aversions. You can find all the allergies we accommodate for in our allergy drop down menu.

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Our meals ship fresh and arrive fresh. They are never frozen. They come pre-cooked and ready to reheat in the microwave or stovetop. There is no prep, cooking, or cleaning required.

  • Reheat in the microwave or on the stove
  • Refrigerate your meals immediately
  • Meals can refrigerate up to 10 days
  • Meals can be frozen for 90 days
After your order is processed your meals will be shipped via FedEx or UPS. A tracking number will be emailed to you as soon as it ships. The package will be delivered to you in a well-insulated package to keep the meals cool. Refrigerate meals upon arrival.
Naturally, our packaging is recyclable and BPA free. It is the leading edge of technology, and we do everything we can to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Please recycle.
The package is well insulated. We use both ice packs and dry ice to keep your meals at proper temperature. We have also removed the oxygen from your meals increasing the freshness and extending the life up to 10 days

We have customized meal plans around your macros

  • Your plan is a subscription to our menu.
  • We offer weekly subscriptions.
  • No contracts. Cancel any time(48hrs before renewal)
  • The menu will change every week.
  • Meals can be shipped or picked up fresh