Get started and know more

Get started and know more

Welcome to 1% Fitness!  Let’s get started with your meal prep subscription.  We have three easy steps to follow, and in no time you will be enjoying freshly made, custom designed meals.  Each of our meals has been crafted by our chefs to maximize the nutritional requirements we all need.

Step 1 – Register

The first step is to register an account with 1% Fitness.  Our registration wizard will walk you through 3 steps to capture all of the information we need.

  1. Fill out your personal profile information
  2. Choose a meal plan in either for either a 5 or 7 day meal plan
  3. Enter your payment information and save

Our meal plans are setup in 5 or 7 day meal configuration.  You can choose from several types.  Click here to see a full listing of our meals plans and their prices.

Step 2 – We prepare

After your registration is complete, you are now ready to receive tasty and nutritious meals.  All of the meals are designed for you around specific nutritional requirements.  Our levels of activity on a daily basis help us to determine how much food we need, also known as calories.  If you are are not sure about your daily caloric requirements, click here to use our basal metabolic calculator to help you get started.  The real secret is to understand your activity level.  If you are exercising heavily, you will require more calories to sustain your exercise routines.  If you are trying to loose weight, but you do not have a high activity level, you will require less calories per day to help your body start burning through its stored fats.



Step 3 – you eat

You have picked up your meals and you are ready to start enjoying our custom meals.  When you arrive home, place the meals into your refrigerator.  Right before you are ready to eat, place the meal into the microwave without the lid fully closed.  Warm to your desired temperature and then enjoy.