Fit Plan

High protein with a perfect balance of carbs and fats. We understand one size does not fit all. Pre- portioned and Crafted from only the finest ingredients to help you perform your best. Full of so much flavor and variety which makes it an easy go to for your healthy lifestyle.

Starting at $8.33 per meal

Three Easy Steps

to Reach Your Goals

We simplify the process and remove the guess-work, so you can focus on feeling your best and doing what you love.

Incredibly Tasty with Clean Ingredients

We wanted to create a plan that would give you the flavor you crave with the balance you need. So many cuisines packed in to one week to keep your taste buds tantalized and your mind focused on your goals.

Pork Chili Verde

Peppercorn Steak

Thai Chili Chicken

Three Fit Plans

Whether you’re at the beginning of your health journey or you’ve been at this for years, we have a plan for you. We have broken the meal plans down in to 3 categories. Low, Medium, and High and go off of your BMR when recommending a plan size

Time saving custom meal prep

No really, we know it sounds too good to be true.

Good Health and Time are two of the most precious commodities.

Have a Healthy Tasty and Convenient meal in less than 2 minutes.

Don't believe us? Try us out!

What do we mean by
custom time-saving meal prep?

We understand it gets confusing out there on what and how much to eat. We also know your time is your greatest asset. Time saving custom meal prep means a healthy, balanced, 30-minute meal, is ready in less than 3. That’s 90% less time you would have spent cooking. You could easily be saving 37hrs a month.