Healthy Employee Lifestyle Program

Introducing H.E.L.P


The way we fuel our bodies has a direct impact on the way we feel, the way we perform, the energy we have, our ability to focus, and our long-term health. Not only will providing nutritious meals go a long way in keeping employees happy and healthy, it can be a huge factor in increasing your bottom line.


Meal Prep
• 5 to 7 Day Plans
• Weekly or Monthly
• Delivered or Pick-up
○ to office
○ to Home

• Custom plans available


Lunch & Learn
• Lets talk over lunch
○ Learn about 1% fitness
○ Try something different
▪ Healthy Food
▪ Portion Control
▪ Healthy Habits


Corporate Contests
• Contest created for your group
○ 6 weeks
○ 12 weeks

• Prizes

○ Gift Cards
○ Cruises – The more the merrier
○ Fitness Equipment
○ Gym Membership
○ Discounts at 1% for LIFE!
○ 1% Humanitarian Service Trips


Healthy Catering
• 1% Fitness Catering

○ Healthy Catering
○ We can provide lunches for your company

▪ Daily
▪ Weekly

○ Alternative to unhealthy standard
○ 72 different meals on our rotating menu schedule


Weekly Calibration
• Weekly Weigh-ins & Call-in’s
• Weekly Tracking, Comparison and Analysis
• Updated Leader Board

Transformation Tracking
• Body Composition
• Inches- skin fold calipers
• Step Tracking
• Heart Rate Monitoring
• Fitness App Tracking
• Dexa Scanning
• Weight Loss


Body Composition Testing
• Results driven data analysis
• Partnered with Dexa
• Body Composition Tracking

○ Weight
○ Water
○ Bone Density
○ Muscle Mass


Online coaching and Training
• One on one trainings
• Online coaching and unlimited app access

○ Team-Building Training
○ Optimize efficiencies of your team

• Personal support system
• progress tracking
• Accountability Partner


And More!
• US Cryotherapy
• Massage
• Supplements
• Personalized Elite Meal Plans


It pays to feed your employees



Are more likely to recommend as a great place to work



Would be happier if meals were provided as a perk



Are more likely to stay with the company



Would be more productive



Would have more focus



Employer potential ROI on providing lunch as a perk to the team

Corporate Contests and Incentives

Our corporate contests will give employees all the incentive they need to get healthy. You provide the employees, we’ll provide the contest!


Cruise for Two

Up to $250 in Food Credit

Up to $500 in Gift Cards



Try out H.E.L.P. today!

Healthy Employees = Healthy Company